About us

Yesterday's dream, today's reality!

We are happy to introduce ourselves, Mary Joy and Tom Lynch, the new owners of the Market Street Inn, we took ownership in September of 2017 after a very, very long search for "Just the right one". Tom and I pursued our search throughout the US and had even considered going as far as Ireland to fulfill what was now looking like a dream that would never come true. The journey had taken many turns and twists, many long hours on the road and more disappointments than we care to remember.

Well, as fate would have it, we were in Ireland the Spring of 2017 when we received a call from the owners saying that the previous deal was not moving forward and, "were we still interested?" I can tell you that was a long flight back home.

The rest is history....... a dream come true; we were now Inn Keepers!
Tom and I have very diverse backgrounds. Tom was an Iron worker like his Father and then became a GM employee ending his career as a Union Representative. Tom's passions include cooking, woodworking, boating, bike riding (the kind you pedal and the kind with an engine), fixing things and being Irish, anything that has to do with talking to people, you know, the blarney!

I come from a Law Enforcement background which led me to a medical career in which I worked in all areas of specialties.

My passions include cooking, gardening, reading, boating, bike riding (the kind you pedal) and horses.

Together, Tom and I have 5 children 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild! We love spending time with our family and are enjoying watching the grandchildren grow. Let's say we keep ourselves quite busy for two old retirees!!

We are animal lovers and have a furry family member as well; the Inn's guard dog Molly, our 6 year old Golden Retriever (who resides with us on the top floor of the Inn) for all those pet allergic guests! You may come across her now and then while she enjoys the great outdoors, not to worry she LOVES guests. 
We are sorry to say we lost our two cats of 20 years recently, Missy and Mr. Man, they are truly missed.  Perhaps replacements are in the near future!