A full breakfast is served daily. We offer our guests handmade creations, using the freshest ingredients while supporting local farmers and producers. Breakfast includes our fresh baked daily pastry basket with featured scone of the day, fresh fruit, handmade granola, yogurt and our gourmet entree and starter of the day.


Fresh Fruit
An array of seasonal fruits and/or berries – fresh, healthy, and delicious.

Always a great accompaniment to fresh fruit or our handmade granola.

Housemade Granola
A housemade mixture of whole grains, walnuts, pecans, coconut, sesame seeds, and local honey are just a few of the delectable ingredients that make this delicious and nutty granola a treat.

Frushi - There is nothing fishy about our frushi!
Our frushi is a delicious and fruity twist on the Japanese favorite. Coconut rice rolls with fresh fruit centers or sashimi style coconut rice with fresh fruit. Our intense berry coulis is the substitute for soy sauce.

Broiled Grapefruit
Served hot with a caramelized top. Our broiled grapefruit is at once, sweet and tangy.

Cool, smooth, crunchy and healthy all layered in a treat for the eyes and mouth.


Give us this day our daily bread...or scone. Jayne’s signature homemade scones are a buttery sensation!  Baked fresh daily. Blueberry, Raspberry White Chocolate, Smoked Cheddar, Date Nut, Chocolate Chip or Banana Nut.


Tea snobs? Well, yes, thank you very much! We always have freshbrewed iced tea on hand, and are proud to offer premium full leaf Revolution® Teas. The flow-through single infuser teas are offered in a variety of flavors and both caffeinated and decaf.

The teas offered are: Caffeinated - English Breakfast; Earl Grey Lavender; and Sweet Ginger Peach; and Acai Berry Green Tea. Decaf - Honeybush Caramel. Lipton is available for the faint of heart!

Oak Grove Coffee Co. is our local purveyor of hand roasted coffees.